Starting from Monday, October 23, until Friday, October 27, Perugia will host the fifth edition of the International School on the Open Science Cloud (SOSC). Organized by INFN, the Department of Physics and Astronomy ‘Augusto Righi’ of the University of Bologna, and the Department of Physics and Geology of the University of Perugia, this edition of the School is supported by the ICSC – Italian Research Center in High-Performance Computing, Big Data, and Quantum Computing. The multidisciplinary educational offering of SOSC is aimed at researchers interested in developing their knowledge and skills in the areas of data, computing resources, and cloud-based infrastructures supporting scientific workflows and applications.

The School’s program, structured with lectures and practical sessions, is organized into three tracks focused on ‘Foundations of Software and Data Management,’ ‘Methods of Machine Learning,’ and ‘Workflow Management in a Distributed Environment.’ These topics will be explored through lectures, comparisons, discussions, and practical sessions. The program will also include a comprehensive overview of key Machine Learning and Deep Learning models, with particular attention to the fundamental concepts of machine learning and techniques for measuring algorithm performance. In addition to the traditional educational activities, SOSC also includes the development of personal projects. Alongside the SOSC tradition, the School will foresee the development of personal projects. To this extent, suitable data sets will be provided, as well as tracks to address exploratory data analysis, machine learning and workload parallelization and distribution.

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