High-performance computing systems (HPC) and the availability of considerable amounts of data, jointly with models, methodologies, algorithms, distributed architectures, and sensors all provide the opportunity to overcome new key challenges in smart cities and in a digital society in support of the digital shift.

The ‘Smart City e Digital Society’ Spoke deals with the subject areas of planning, evaluation and management of systems, services and infrastructures operating in the social, organisational, and technological sectors. The activities are based on the development of techniques to analyse and predict data from diverse sources (sensors, services functioning data, social networks, etc.). Crucial to the development of activities are the following issues: open data, interoperability, data collection methods, access to and protection of information in public domains such as health, the environment, logistics, financial and economic applications, infrastructures, and mobility.

Carrying out activities involves designing models of analysis and interaction of complex systems, developed via certain approaches – e.g., digital twin – and the use of virtual representations to improve the ability to replicate and understand how they function and predict their future evolutions.

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