Tomorrow, November 11th, the enchanting Palazzo Franchetti along the Grand Canal of Venice will host the international workshop ‘Quantum Computing and Simulation‘. The event will bring together industry experts for three days of discussions and exchanges on the latest developments in quantum computing research and its potential technological applications. The goal of the congress is to establish a network among distinguished figures, both Italian and foreign, in the field of quantum science, as well as businesses and start-ups showing a growing interest in these groundbreaking technologies. The event is attended by members of ICSC – Italian Research Center on High Performance Computing, Big Data, and Quantum Computing, the Quantum Computing and Simulation Center of Padova (QCSC), the European project T-NiSQ, and will also feature the presence of illustrious international guests.

Organized, among others, by Professors Simone Montangero and Flavio Seno from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Padova, the workshop includes a scientific session scheduled for the first two days and part of Friday morning, followed by a dedicated session focusing on the economic and industrial implications of quantum technologies. This session will involve venture capitalists, representatives from start-ups specializing in quantum technologies, and companies keen on interfacing with the use of these new technologies.

“The research in the development of quantum computers and simulators has made tremendous progress in recent years,” explains Simone Montangero, Professor at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Director of the Quantum Computing and Simulation Center in Padova, and co-leader of Spoke 10 at ICSC. “To the extent that we may soon witness the first scientific and industrial applications of these emerging technologies, especially in the realm of optimization problems and simulation of complex systems. This congress serves as a perfect convergence point for these diverse realities.”

“This congress stands as a prominent showcase for Italian research in the field of quantum science,” affirms Flavio Seno, Director of the Department of Physics and Astronomy in Padova. “It has the potential to open new opportunities for collaboration, both in the purely scientific domain and in the research of applications, meeting the needs and new technological challenges of the private sector. In this context, we are proud of the leading role that QCSC in Padova aspires to play.”

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