Spoke 1 of ICSC is aimed at investigating and solving fundamental challenges of modern computing, such as high-performance computation and the complexities of scientific computing. Furthermore, it focuses on the applicability of these technologies in high-volume sectors such as cloud and edge computing, IoT connectivity, autonomous vehicles, and even the new challenges of AI. To achieve all of this, it is essential to develop computing systems that are open, energy-efficient, and high-performance.

Calls for proposals: 1

Thematic Areas Funded:

1- Analysis and Specification of HPC Hardware Requirements based on RISC-V for image data processing in aeronautical fluid dynamics investigations.

2- Development of a) hardware accelerators; b) design methodologies for heterogeneous HPC platforms for deep neural networks (DNN), graph neural networks (GNN), and transformers.

3- Development and testing of methodologies, middleware, and tools for distributed computing for cloud-HPC convergence, AI-HPC, AI-cloud-HPC, and their use in interdisciplinary applications.

4- “Confidential Computing” solutions for HPC and AI.

5- Development of prototypical solutions and benchmarking of deep learning network architectures for interdisciplinary applications.

6- Development of a RISC-V Cluster prototype with multicore nodes in double precision and PCIe accelerators for AI applications.

7- Prototyping solutions for integrating workflow and middleware in the Quantum Computing and HPC domain.

8- Development and testing of methodologies, tools, and solutions for high-performance computing on shared or distributed memory systems with a specific focus on a data-driven approach and particular interest in the evolution of programming models developed in Spoke 1.

Deadline: 15/02/2024, 12:00

Budget: 3.200.000 Euro


Proponent: University of Bologna

Description: The eligible entities to submit project proposals are Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Large Enterprises (LE) external to the CN ICSC, participating individually or in collaboration, with the dimensional parameters specified in Annex I of Regulation (EC) No. 800/2008 of the Commission dated August 6, 2008 (General Block Exemption Regulation) in EU Official Journal L 214 of August 9, 2008. Research Organizations (ROs) under Regulation (EU) 651/2014, Article 83, external to the CN ICSC, exclusively in collaboration with at least one entity mentioned in the previous paragraph (MSMEs and/or LE). The project proposals must be consistent in terms of the impacts and outcomes with the research and innovation themes listed in Spoke 1 above.

Budget: 3.200.000 Euro

Deadline: 15/02/2024, 12:00