The aim of ICSC’s Spoke 10 is to bring quantum computing to technological maturity and to make available the enormous potential in terms of speed and data handling that it will provide. To reach this goal, the Spoke operates along three lines of research: the first is the realization of applications that exploit quantum computers as accelerators to solve otherwise insoluble problems; the second focuses on the realization of hardware and software tools that facilitate the programming of quantum computers and their interoperability with traditional computers; and the third aims to design large, scalable quantum computers.

Number of Grants: 1

Thematic Areas Funded:

1- Software. Development of quantum computer applications that enable the solution of use-cases of scientific or industrial interest in vertical domains. Development of general-purpose quantum algorithms that can be used as building-blocks for vertical applications.

2- Middleware. Development of software for emulating quantum architectures on classical computers. Development of software for benchmarking and validation of quantum computing applications and systems. Development of tools for compiling and optimizing quantum applications.

3- Hardware and Firmware. Development of hardware components to support the implementation of quantum computers. Development of low-level software for controlling specific components of a quantum computer.

Deadline: 12/02/2024, 12:00

Budget: 3.200.000 Euro


Proponent: Polytechnic University of Milan

Description: The beneficiaries of the call are Universities, Public Research Institutions and other Research Organizations, as well as Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Large Enterprises. The budget is divided into two lots of 1,600,000 euros, one of which is intended for entities with operational headquarters in the South Italy.

Budget: 3.200.000 Euro

Deadline: 15/02/2024, 12:00