Goals of ICSC’s Spoke arela progettazione di nuovi test clinici eseguiti con metodi simulativi, al fine di ridurre tempi e costi dei trial clinici, e lo sviluppo di una piattaforma tecnologica che consenta l’analisi di big data mediante algoritmi di intelligenza artificiale e machine learning. Questi studi permetteranno di aumentare la comprensione di numerose patologie, la loro diagnosi e prognosi, nonché di sviluppare nuovi trattamenti farmacologici personalizzati.  

Number of Grants: 1

Thematic Areas Funded:

1- Hardening of cloud systems for deployment of in silico medicine solutions on GDPR compliance platforms.

2- Development and testing of in silico trials and/or digital twins solutions for neurodegenerative diseases with autoimmune component (RESTRICTED TO SOUTHERN ITALY ENTITIES).

3- Development and testing of pathway analysis and drug repositioning solutions.

4- Increasing the number of tumor and non-tumor tissue samples (and/or blood samples) from operable (and non-operable) patients diagnosed with PDAC and/or other oncological diseases.

5- Production and analysis of multi-omics (non-genomic) data including proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, etc., and imaging on tissue (and/or plasma) samples from patients diagnosed with PDAC and/or other oncological diseases. Advanced Integration of Omics and Imaging Data through Artificial Intelligence-based Methods for the identification and validation of novel drug targets.

6- Production and analysis of metagenomics data from PDAC patients. The project should include sample collection, microbiota genome extraction and bioinformatics analysis.

Deadline: 12/03/2024, 12:00

Budget: 3.200.000 Euro


Proponent: Italian Institute of Technology (IIT)



      • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), outside the NC and competing in single mode, having the size parameters set out in Annex I of Commission REG (EC) No. 800/2008 of August 6, 2008 (General Block Exemption Regulation) in OJEU L 214, 9.8.2008.

      • Large Enterprises (GIs), outside the CN.

      • the Italian State Universities, outside the CN.

      • Italian non-State Universities legally recognized and accredited MUR, outside the CN.

      • Research Organizations (RFOs) within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 651/2014, item 83, external to the CN.

      • Public and private consortia established among the above beneficiaries. Consortia may also be established, through ATI/ATS, or other form recognized by the Italian State, following the awarding of projects.

    Budget: 3.200.000 Euro

    Deadline: 12/03/2024, 12:00