The goal of ICSC’s Spoke 5 is to develop methodologies for monitoring man-made physical structures (buildings, roads, etc.) and natural environments (waterways, slopes, etc.) that can mitigate risks related to their deterioration. Thanks to ICSC’s computational resources, Spoke 5 will then create so-called “digital twins,” i.e., virtual models of the environments and infrastructures that are to be studied in order to predict their behavior, with reference to natural disasters or changing environmental conditions.

Number of Grants: 1

Thematic Areas Funded:

1- Protection of historical-architectural heritage with reference to Brunelleschi’s Dome.

2- Analysis of citizen preparation and ecosystem resilience to disasters.

3- Integrated data management, visualization and analysis platform for subsurface digitization.

4- Development of a digital twin based on augmented reality to support interactive analysis and mitigation of landslide and fire risk in Apulia.

5- Development and delivery of GIS-Based platform for seismic risk assessment at spatial and national scales of civil construction and critical infrastructure.

6- Acquisition of data (pedological, meteorological) from public and/or private operators related to areas chosen as a case study (Sicily Region) for implementation of a DSS (Digital Twin) for surface landslide hazard assessment.

7- Intelligent slope monitoring through inclinometer pipes equipped with fiber optics and continuous acquisition capability.

8- Rapid landslide damage assessment.

Deadline: 3/05/2024, 12:00

Budget: 1.778.852 Euro


Proponent: University of Bari Aldo Moro


Who it is addressed to:

Entities eligible to participate in the call are public or private entities, including companies – outside the
ICSC (Italian Research Center on HPC, Big data and Quantum Computing) Partnership.

Endowments for each thematic:

Thematic 1: 435.045,00 Euros

Thematic 2: 67.674,00Euros.

Thematic 3: 241.692,00 Euros

Thematic 4: 483.384,00 Euros (100% SUD Quota Intervention)

Thematic 5: 338.369,00 Euros

Thematic 6: 58.006,00 Euros

Thematic 7: 96.677,00 Euros (100% SUD Quota Intervention)

Thematic 8: 58.006,00 Euros (100% SUD Quota Intervention)

Budget: 1.778.852 Euro

Deadline: 3/05/2024, 12:00