The goal of ICSC’s Spoke 9 is to create a faithful digital representation of the social and organizational structures of cities, communities, and their citizens, as well as the physical and virtual contexts in which they operate and interact, leveraging the digital traces of available “big data,” large-scale data analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, and new opportunities for advanced simulation made possible by ICSC’s HPC infrastructure. In this way, Spoke 9 intends to improve the ability to replicate and understand the functioning and behaviors of our cities and societies, predict future evolutions, including in response to change, and support the testing and evaluation of the effects of policies, protocols, and scenarios aimed at changing the behavior of cities and communities.

Number of Grants: 1

Thematic Areas Funded:

1- Implementation and evaluation of data visualization and interaction techniques for the realization of an Urban Digital Twin. Specifically, the project will focus on the automatic generation of data visualization and other tools to inform policy makers, authorities, and citizens about predictions about urban processes obtained from the models.

2- Development of a modular Digital Twin technology platform based on open source software and open standards that can handle data heterogeneity and security and privacy issues.

3- Realization of a software system for visualization and management of anomalies generated by Cloud services governing Smart Cities. Realization of a hardware system to be installed in a motor vehicle to acquire
information about the vehicle’s performance and to monitor the driver’s vital parameters and behavior.

4- Realization of an automated provisioning system of real and/or historical data for populating the data lake of a Digital Twin technology platform focused on the health and wellness of citizens.

5- Realization of a Digital Twin technology of traffic flow in the urban road network.

6- Design and Implementation of a platform based on machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques for monitoring and evaluating the use, quality of service, quality of experience, and/0 social and economic impact of Mobility.

7- Development and Evaluation of a Digital Twin system for urban crowd management.

8- Implementation of systems aimed at addressing urban environmental challenges: (i) systems for monitoring, forecasting, and warning of urban flooding and/or urban heat zones; (ii) systems for forecasting and warning in cars or unmanned aerial vehicles; (iii) integrated waste management platform based on deep learning models.

Deadline: 7/05/2024, 14:00

Budget: 3.200.000 Euro


Proponent: University of Naples Federico II


Who it is addressed to:

Entities eligible to participate in the call are public or private entities, including companies – outside the
ICSC (Italian Research Center on HPC, Big data and Quantum Computing) Partnership.

Endowments for each thematic:

Thematic 1: 400,000 Euro

Thematic 2: 400,000 Euros.

Thematic 3: 400,000 Euros.

Thematic 4: 400,000 Euros.

Thematic 5: 400,000 Euros

Thematic 6: 400.000 Euros

Thematic 7: 400.000 Euros

Thematic 8: 400.000 Euros

Budget: 3.200.000 Euro

Deadline: 7/05/2024, 14:00